Stuffing stockings is one of my favorite things to do.  I’m always on the look out for special little items that I tuck away all year long waiting for just this day.  Since the kids are grown hubby gets my FULL attention and he hates it (sort of) because he says he isn’t as good at reciprocating the stocking process.  But, he tries hard and is getting better at it every year.  EVERY year though he complains about having to actually make things ‘fit’ into something stocking shaped.  So NEXT year, we’ve agreed to use these cute bags I found on Amazon.
The picture below was a couple of years ago (I never give away this year’s items in case he reads my posts 😀 ) but this gives you the idea:

  • 2 new Wii U games (Amazon had an awesome Black Friday sale I could do from home in my PJ’s)
  • fun snacks – M&Ms, cashews, pistachios and DILL peanuts.
  • some camo carbiners
  • some camo notepads
  • an Army magnet
  • new winter gloves
  • Mason jar shot glasses so he’ll quit using my REAL mason jars
  • a couple of additional watchband choices to accessorize one of his gifts from mom
  • .50 caliber pocket knife
  • lottery tickets

This year I already stuffed his stocking, but guarantee it will be full of ALL sorts of fun stuff again including some of his new favorite alcohol flavors!


Such great ideas! I hear your husband about making things fit in the stockings. What a neat idea to use the bags. We have the traditional items that go in each year (still need to get some, yikes!) like bags of peanut butter cups (full size bags take up a lot of space, ha) and new toothbrushes. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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