Tuesday 4, is a collection of 4 questions each week that is kept up in honor and memory of Toni Taddeo, founder of the meme.

1. Are meals eaten at certain times in your home or are they more spontaneous? Dinner is usually around 6PM, but the other meals depend on the schedule for the day.

2. If you attend religious services or club meetings, are they morning, afternoon or evening? Are there advantages/disadvantages to that time? Depends on the event and the schedule.  I never really thought about an advantage to either. 😀

3. Are you in bed and up in the mornings at a regular time each day? Yes

4. Do you set apart specific times during the day or week to do certain things like study, shopping, laundry, visiting?  Nope, make the schedule according to appointments and plans for the week.


We are. Today was our anniversary and we spent the day out “SAFELY” playing and had lunch. Tomorrow is my organization day. 😀

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