Tuesday 4, is a collection of 4 questions each week that is kept up in honor and memory of Toni Taddeo, founder of the meme.

1. In New Jersey you put your groceries in a paper bag or plastic bag.  In Athens, Ohio where I went to university, you put them in a paper sack.
Is it bag , sack or something else where you live? Depends on the store and the clerk and where they grew up I think.

2. NJ says Stockings. Athens, Ohio used to call them “hose” and in Britain they are tights. What about where you live? Stockings are socks that are individual.  Hose are nylons or panty hose and tights are colored and in many colors.

3. Soda, Pop, Coke? Soda is a general term.  Pop is a regional general term for any carbonated beverage and Coke is a brand, but I prefer Pepsi 😀
4. Shopping cart or trolley or? What do you call it? Definitely shopping carts everywhere I’ve ever lived.


It was hard to elaborate on anything with this week’s questions so I skipped this week, but would have had the same answers other than preferring Coke to Pepsi 😛

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