Welcome to Tuesday 4 which we keep up in memory of Toni Taddeo.

School days help to shape our future personality. 
  • Share a story of your school days that you think may have helped shape who you are today. ALL of grade school helped shape who I am today.  I had an incredible small class (I’m still friends with a few kids from then) setting with the same kids in my class for the first 6 years in a rural suburb at a time when teachers were truly respected and believed their success was based on their students abilities to succeed themselves.  Rules were followed, discipline was expected and rewards were abundant for success.
  • Did you have a favorite teacher and what made them special to you? I had several favorites!  Miss Suleski and Mrs. Ault were two of my favorites though.  I can still remember all their names, even the princpals. 😀
  • Did you enjoy the rituals of school… new clothing, pencils, notebooks, etc.? Absolutely!  Still today ALL office supplies call my name during back to school time.  And getting new shoes and clothes in the fall were a special memory.
  • Did you walk to school or ride the bus? Mainly walked, but there was no school yet in our neighborhood when I started school so we were bused to kindergarten and then in first grade our new grade school opened and we walked from then on.  Jr. High and High School were located a couple miles away and we walked mostly, but the bus was available and I used it during inclement weather time.


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