I originally had this as TAG questions also, but I honestly don’t think any of us are up for that this year so let’s leave it at Winter Musts. 😀
What I CANNOT live without in winter is many many things, but these are my top items! The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that if I have a sore throat, dry skin, cold feet or hands, cold food or catch a cold I am NOT happy.

I drink a cup of green tea every night and try to make very balanced comfort food meals to warm up my family from the inside out.

I also have a favorite new hot toddy, a Lemon Avil Pota Hot Toddy courtesy of McMenamins one of our favorite resort chains.

2 oz. Aval Pota Whiskey
2 bar spoons honey
5/8 oz.  fresh-squeezed lemon

  • Pour ingredients into a coffee glass or mug and top with hot water.
  • Garnish with a lemon zest twist.

Here are a few of our favorite soups and stews links for you.


It is so good. We started making them a couple years ago after having them at our local McMenamins. McMenamins has their own distillery and make some great flavors. Their Monkey Puzzle rum punch is awesome too! 😀

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