The A to Z challenge begins tomorrow. Be sure and check it out. There are so many people joining in with a myriad of themes!

My theme for this year is Rail Art. I had a recent epiphany that photographing Rail Art for me is like someone who is drawn to storm chasing. Living in a small lumber town we see the lumber trains crossing through town at least once a day, but usually twice – one in each direction.

What I’d like to be able to do is find a way to see both sides of the train at once. LOL 😀 I try to plan my errands and trips into and around town to purposefully be timed so I’m the first or second car stopped at the crossing so I have the PERFECT view of ALL the cars.


I can’t wait to see yours too. I am in the midst of photo editing and just hope I can keep up with that and the words with all the spring cleaning plans for April! 😀

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