A to Z challenge 

Zig zag A method of climbing and descending steep gradients, where shallow-gradient track reverses direction for a while, and then reverses again to continue in the original direction.

Trains more commonly zigzag their way through difficult terrain rather than looping around, but loops aren’t unheard of. There is actually a loop near where I grew up. The loop, built by the Southern Pacific Railroad opened in 1876 to connect Bakersfield and Mojave, about 50 miles away.

In gaining elevation around the central hill of the Loop, a 4,000-foot train will cross 77 feet above its rear cars in the tunnel below. The Tehachapi Loop has been designated as a California Historical Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

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I wish I had a Zebra, but the closet I came was the zebra stripped tiger from a couple days ago.


The tiger is my favorite, and it filled my need for Tiger in the scavenger hunt! Congratulations on getting through to Z! Yours was one of my favorite blogs.


Thank you so much! Getting through this while traveling was a challenge in and of itself. Now and I’m looking to go back and read everyone else’s starting with yours 😀

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