I DO try to make my own Christmas cards every year, and I PLANNED to do homemade again this year, but years like this last year full of COVID and the years before full of health issues, surgeries and issues from the HOUSE FROM HELL sometimes finds me sending out box cards. The carpet cleaning and the BIG Christmas decoration sort was a bit more time consuming and adventurous this year adding to the not getting to the Christmas card making.

They box cards are pretty cute and I’m glad to be using them up!  I WILL do homemade again next year 😀 I did try an annual letter a few times, but ended up in just doing a few paragraphs eventually hitting the highlights from throughout the year since.

I do still send Christmas cards out, but I fear they are becoming a thing of the past. Unfortunately I receive fewer and fewer each year it seems. Vitual cards just aren’t the same. AND I can’t reuse virtual cards the next year as gift tags.

Here are some more cute wrapping ideas.  I have been wrapping presents as I go this year and able to spend a little more time decorating.

Lucie Doucet

Lovely gift wrapping ideas. I like the idea but do not like wrapping. Cards – I want to do mine but never have the time… maybe next year? And I do receive less and less every year

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