For me, stuffing stockings is one of my favorite things to do. I’m always on the look out for special little items that I tuck away ALL year long waiting for just this day.

Since the kids are grown, hubby gets my FULL attention and he hates it 😀 (sort of) because he says he isn’t as good at reciprocating the stocking process. But, he tries hard and is getting better at it every year. EVERY year though he complains about having to actually make things ‘fit’ into something stocking shaped. So, THIS year we’ve agreed to use some cute bags I found at Marshalls. These bags are soooooo much easier!!

This is what is in his bag this year. He never reads my blog so I know I’m safe posting this 😀 I may add a few more trinkets if I find them as I finish my other shopping. We have also stopped “BIG” presents to each other so the stocking is our “main” or “BIG” present and we are not going to individually wrap the presents inside the “stocking” so this saves both time and resources. I’m donating most of our wrapping resources to our local Eagles Lodge for their charitable endeavors and the float they’re decorating for the parade.

These pictures are from last year and a few years ago.

And I ran across the cute little funny for the perfect husband stocking filler.

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