I only WISH this were my house

I want this year especially to be relaxing and stress free. I’m not going to do a linky. Just comment on my post and let me know you’re playing along and I’ll be sure to visit and comment on your post. As a reminder here are this year’s prompts:

I’m like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. It is my very favorite holiday. LOL I WILL NOT apologize for wanting to decorate by Halloween every year. 😀 or that I do actually start before Halloween.

I usually have restraint and hold out until the day after Thanksgiving…, but again NOT this year – indoors anyway! Hubby started decorating the outside the day after Thanksgiving, but had been planning, weather permitting, he’ll finish today, but it has been so, so cold that he only gets about 2 hours of decent temperatures outside.

Our local (mom and pop – family run) Christmas tree farm opened bright and early Friday morning and we were there when they opened to get wreaths, warm snuggly coffee from the coffee trailer and help a girlfriend with her tree. You can cut your own tree, but they also have fresh cut trees. The Christmas tree farm in all its glory is up for sale. My girlfriend Dana says we should pool our resources and buy it! I’m seriously considering it. Dana loves her tree AND her coffee!

In previous years they sold out quickly and we missed out on live trees, though we always get our traditional wreath.

We are using our tried and trued artificial tree one last year which I put up just before Halloween. I topped the day off with a visit to the Family and Friends holiday open house. It’s a small boutique store and I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment time and was rewarded with having the store to myself to visit with Susie and Lynne, the sisters who own it – really cute little old ladies! 😀

Obviously, I start as soon as I can to decorate, but it takes a few days and I take the time to enjoy it instead of turning it into a chore. I will be going to the annual Christmas Fair at the fairgrounds on Friday. I believe I have done my part for shop local with mom and pops again this year.

I was hoping to have the outside decoration pictures for you today, but will update this post after hubby finishes later today. The fog has been horrible for the past 2 days and the pictures would be too weird anyway.

So, when do you decorate?

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