Do you still send “snail mail” Christmas cards? 😀 We received our first card last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. And it was a wonderful one from a favorite nephew with so many wonderful pictures of their beautiful daughters.

I do! I know a lot of people have stopped or send virtual cards, but I’m a die hard on this one. I just love sending and getting Christmas cards in the mail. But, I fear they are becoming a thing of the past. Unfortunately I receive fewer and fewer each year it seems. Virtual cards just aren’t the same to me. AND I can’t reuse virtual cards to make the next year as gift tags.

I even painted a set of old shutters in Christmas colors to display them.

I DO try to make my own Christmas cards when I can, and I PLANNED to do homemade again this year, but years like this last year full of issues sometimes finds me sending out box cards.

A local store carries boxed cards that are really nice quality, pretty cute and super affordable.  I’m bound and determined that I WILL do homemade again soon 😀

I did try an annual letter a few times, but ended up in just doing a few paragraphs eventually hitting the highlights from throughout the year since.


Not sure what happened to my first comment?! Anyway, I love Christmas cards and miss the day of getting lots of them in the mail. Of course, I’m not always great at sending them, depends on the year/my mood. This year my plan is to just write out/send a couple each day until Christmas so it doesn’t become an overwhelming task. (If my first comment prior to the PS shows up, just delete this one)

Jean E DeMoss

It really depends on the year/my mood with the sending of the Christmas cards. I always want to do it but sometimes I just get too far behind. My mom always used to write a personal message in every card she sent and I think the pressure to do that made me skip doing it sometimes. Now, I tell myself just signing the cards is good enough (I certainly don’t judge the cards I get on whether they have a message, newsletter, or just a signature). My plan this year is to send a few each day so it’s not an overwhelming task. I miss the day of lots of Christmas cards!


I try not to make it a “task” either and the notes depend on the who I’m sending it to and how often I see them and/or talk to them.

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