Oh no, more old mold!

So I had a productive, disappointing and exciting day. I tried to show the pictures in order so you can see the changes throughout the day.

I needed to expose the old plumbing that they had built this funky facade around it (out of old masonite board) so we can get the plumber in for an estimate to convert this fantastic old 6 foot claw foot tub into a shower and tub combo. We’re also going to change out the old vanity sink into a pedastal sink that looks a little more like it belongs. As you can see, they had built a really funky facade around the tub too. I can’t figure out why either ~ it’s in near perfect condition. They also painted the wood floor a funky rust color and then had a cheap carpet remnant on top of that.

Productive in that I got to this point, disappointing that I found more mold so there is more old lathe and plaster to be torn down, and exciting that I can begin to visualize this room done. I am going to try and bleach it and use KILZ first, but it always seem to work the hard way.

And did I mention that the city is working on the water lines around here? They shut the water off the other day for a “few” minutes ~ yeah right 2 1/2 hours later it came back on with a vengence and they had allowed dirt to enter the lines so the water ran muddy and then brown for 30 minutes out of every faucet. I found this out when I tried to wash the fruit from my hands while I was trying to can fruit. Then last night I noticed water seemed to be running out from my neighbors house, but I thought it was just run off from when they turned the water back on. So when I got up this morning and it was still “running”, I called my neighbors father (she’s out of town) and he got the city over to look at it. Long story short, there was a problem with the main and they had to turn the water off again. At least this time they warned me, but when the water came back on 4 hours later, I went through the same muddy brown water all over again and had to clean both bathrooms and kitchen for the 3rd time in 2 days!