Yeah, a finished project.

Hubby got this great flag pole up a few months ago, but it wasn’t an easy feat. We had this ugly stump in the front yard from where the previous owners cut down a diseased tree, but were too cheap to do it the right way and remove the stump. So, ingenious man that my hubby is, he drilled (for days) into the stumps center until he was probably 18 inches deep and big enough around for the flag pole plus. The he put a 1/2 whiskey barrel on top of that and drilled the same hole into it. He filled the whole thing with cement, put the flag pole in the center with a solar light in the top of the pole and TA DA, a completed project ~ a lighted flag pole. I planted the top half of the barrel with Lily of the Valley’s that are still trying to take hold and then put decorative cinder blocks all the way around to hide the remaining dead roots.