One of the biggest theories I keep trying to get hubby to understand is the “Domino Effect”. He wants to know why we can’t start one room and finish that room before moving on to the next room. While in theory, that would be the optimum way to accomplish any project, it just doesn’t work in reality. There are too many things intermingled (drywall removal, electrical and plumbing work, flooring, etc…)

For instance, the roll-off dumpters. While they are here, why not fill them up and get our money’s worth. Or the electrician, who is basically re-wiring the entire house and needs multiple walls opened up on all 3 levels (4 if you include the attic) so he can effectively get this job done sometime this year. And while the walls are open for him, let’s get the plumbing handled.

When we started this project it was because of the mold we found in the downstairs bathroom on day 10 of our existence in this house. Once we ripped out the molded areas of the bathroom wall, we found it extended to the shower enclosure itself and behind it and then we found it extended into the kitchen walls behind the shower enclosure and then into the kitchen cabinets attached to those walls, etc… you get the idea and hence the domino effect. The bathroom remodel quickly became the kitchen remodel, etc…

Now, while no one in their right mind would plan to do a remodel like this all at once, it will be nice to have it all done and not need to worry about the house for another 20 years except for normal maintenance. Then again, if the previous owners had done the normal maintenance, we wouldn’t be in this boat now. So, fortunately for the next owners, we’re not normal and are bringing it all up to code and modern enough appealing to stay with the character of the house, but also add the modern conveinences to make life bearable (especially for the sake of the kitchen). We’re adding a dishwasher, garbage disposal and bringing the washer and dryer from the basement to the main floor level.

So, let this be a lesson to those of you out there in this same boat. The “GOLDEN RULE” always applies. Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. And do what is ethical, disclose the problems when you sell a house. You may get a little less money, but at least you can sleep with a clear conscientious. Because I also believe in what comes around, goes around. And boy oh boy, I can’t wait to see whatt is going to get the lying people who sold us this house.