Tag, Your It!

I have been tagged to share some of my favorites…

Sound(s) rain at night, thunder, birds chirping ~ really, I forgot they did until we moved to the country
Smell(s) coffee, cinnamon, apple pie, bacon frying
Color Combination(s) blues and purples
Time of Year(s) Fall, winter
Book(s) I love to read anything!
Late Night Snack(s) Orange sherbet, popcorn
Fruit(s) – Grapes, peaches, kiwi, watermelon
Nut(s) cashews, macadamias
Vegetable(s) carrots, artichoke, broccoli, fresh green beans
Candy(ies) Oh I have a huge sweet tooth! Godiva truffles, See’s Bordeaux, chocolate covered honeycomb
Pizza sausage and pepperoni with mushroom and onion
Actor(s) George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Joe Penny
Actress(es) – Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Jill Henessey

Working Girl ~ I love that the underdog is triumphant over the silver spoon snob-her hard work paid off!
Pretty Woman ~ I love that there is a happy ending and Cinderella gets it all!
Terminator ~ Just gotta love the special effects and the whole paradox of your future employee being your dad.
National Treasure ~ Fun, fun, fun!

Flower(s) flaming red and yellow feathered parrot tulips, daffodils, fuschias (pink & purple especially)
Vacation Spot(s) Alaska, Grand Tetons, Maine
Subject(s) in School English and everything else ~ I loved school!
TV Channel(s) Scifi, TCM, Life
Radio Station I’m a scanner, no station in particular, just scan until I find something I feel like listening to at that moment.
Holiday(s) Thanksgiving and Christmas
Perfume(s) I own Red by Giorgio and Obsession, but I don’t usually wear either!
Shoes Tennies, flip flops, clogs, birks
City(ies) to Shop LA, Chicago
Beauty Products I am not at all into beauty products. I use concealer and sun block foundation every day. But I am brand specific.
Item(s) to Shop For FABRIC, scrap booking items, home decorating, …. I don’t think there is much I don’t enjoy shopping for, I even like Home Depot and grocery shopping, but I always have a specific list and I don’t dawddle.

I tag anyone else who feels like a fun little blog topic today.