Progression from old to New Kitchen – almost there!

Remember this long and arduous process of taking out all the old lathe and plaster? And then getting down to the 115 year old external walls and finding little or no continuous support?

Well we got the new support studs in, some great R-19 insulation and then foam board for extra 3.3 R-value.

On top of that we placed 1/2″ MDX and then finally the wainscotting sheeting. We think this will make it much warmer this winter. We hope to get the new sub-floor in so that the floor will all be the same height finally. Thankfully the contractor that created that mess is a long past memory. After that we can get the dishwasher (YEAH!) and a ‘real’ sink base and then move the refrigerator over where it belongs, finally bring up the washer, move the freezer into its proper place and build the linen closet, hamper and storage shelves. I could have sworn I said this was almost done ~ I guess I realize there is still a lot to do and this is only 1/2 of this L~shaped kitchen!!!! Even with all there is yet to do, I keep envisioning the final product and the best news of all is that it will be MOLD free. Maybe now that we can go into winter without freezing to death, we can concentrate on getting the money back from the previous owners for their fraudulent non-disclosure.

Now this is only the primer paint, but it feels so much more like a real room again! The ceiling is going to get replaced, but for now, we’re just painting it too to get rid of the yellowing. The window will get changed out to a bay style in the spring. We’ll finish the rest of the walls as soon as the electrician is done.