The ABC's of ME…

A ~ Antiques~love them as long as their functional.
B ~ Blond
C ~ Caring
D ~ Dogs ~ man’s (woman’s too) best friend!
E ~ Empathy
F ~ Forgiveness, Fun
G ~ God, Generous, love Game shows, Girl Scouts
H ~ Hard worker
I ~ Idealistic
J ~ full of Joy
K ~ Kind most all the time
L ~ Light hearted, lover not a fighter.
M ~ Have a good memory
N ~ too Naive for my own good
O ~ OPTIMISTIC ~ always
P ~ Positive Thinker – too much so sometimes ~ really ticks off my husband
Q ~ Quilts of course~I LOVE to think up new patterns & color combinations
R ~ I love the thrill of Roller Coasters
S ~ Love to scrapbook.
T ~ Thankful for every day I’m able to be alive.
U ~ Unique
V ~ Verbal – love words
W ~ Wild at Heart ~ love adventure
X ~ Xray vision – NOT – what do you say for X?
Y ~ Young at Heart ~ I still see a 21 year old every time I look in the mirror
Z ~ probably a zillion other things too..