Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap & Crafting by Candlelight Halloween Swap

I’m one of the swappers in the Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap. For this swap we have the same ‘sister’ for the 3 holiday months of October, November and December. I got this great package today from Jenn.
The shaker box is decorated with an ‘adorable’ witch and sparkle spiders. Those are cupcake candles decorated in the most precious pink designs and they were in the shaker box. And I love the Kahlua truffles. I’m using the Halloween pencil as I write and there was this great skeleton key. The irony isn’t lost on me.

I sent her this package:

Jenn said she’d love to learn how to quilt. So I found a small McKenna Ryan applique wall quilt pattern (Beneath the Boughs) that I thought was peaceful and fall like. I selected a choice of fall colored batik fat quarters and fat 8’s for the applique and a 1/2 yard for the border, backing and binding so all she’ll need is the batting and iron on sheet for the applique (Wal-mart has it for 99 cents a yard). My thrifted item is the crocheted ghost from my grandmother’s rummage sale and the handmade item is a bright orange and yellow polka dot round ruffled candy table cloth. Jenn likes sugar free candy so we added some and a fall Yankee candle wax tart for those calorie free days when she wants to inhale her sweets. She got it today too and loved it.

I’ll be away for some family events so I have made Jenn’s Thanksgiving box up already and will send it early. I found these great fall colored dish towels (who doesn’t need more towels when prepping Thanks giving dinner?). I also found a kitchen aid silicone scraper in fall colors to match. I made some fall leaf linen coasters for her handcrafted item. There are some turkey and pumpkin cookie cutters, fall colored tic tacs, and some peach cranberry dip mix. The thrifted item is the stalk of fall colored willows. I also found a turkey mobile DIY craft. I hope she likes it.

I started her Christmas one too, but I’m sure this time of year will get away from me as always and soon I won’t be as ahead as I am now. But we’ll keep Christmas as a big surprise.

Bren is my partner for the Crafting by Candlelight swap and here is what I sent her:
Bren Loves to decorate for Halloween. I thought I’d keep with that thought. So, her handmade item is an orange and yellow polka dot candy table cloth and her thrifted item is a collapsible witch basket. I found this really cool bat night light with a bubbler on top. You know the kind of bubbler light that our grandparents had on their Christmas tree lights. Bren is also not a fan of chocolate, but loves Hot Tamales and Neccos. I found a new (at least new to me) Neccos of smoothie flavors. I also included a pumpkin pie wax tart for those times she wants to inhale without calories. And Halloween (nor Easter) are not complete without some peeps – these are ghosts. I found a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin scraper, some cute little drawing pencils and a book about all the great things that begin with the letter “B”. There’s also some of my favorite glycerin based salve from Camille Beckman. She just emailed me that she likes it!

Hi Tamy,
I wanted you to know I got the “trick or treat swap” package and I love it. My favorite item is the tablecloth you made but I love everything. I blogged about it on my blog today. Check it out. Thanks so much.Your package is speedily on it’s way to you.

🙂 Bren