Another great swap

I just received this great swap from Bren at Brenda’s Little Cottage. It was hosted Crafting by Candlelight for Halloween. There’s this great scrapbooking mini tote that I can’t wait to fill with toys. In the little pull out drawer Bren put a great “Friend” stamp. There’s also a pair of bat socks with “Battitude”, apple (my favorite) tealights, Halloween toothpicks, a pampered chef biscuit cutter and a bag full of wonderful chocolate candy. I especially love the caramel filled eyes. Oh and I just found goofy Dracula teeth at the bottom of the bag! Thanks Bren!

The caramel eyes was a payback for the Peeps lol.
My husband and I almost od’d from them too. But, they were delicious. Especially if you can open the package and let them get a little hard before you eat them.
But, its very hard to wait that long to eat them. 🙂 Bren