~*~Let the tagging begin~7 Random things about Myself~*~

I’ve been tagged by Mary Ellen at Yours ’til Niagara Falls to list 7 random things about myself.

1) My favorite color is purple, but most people think it’s blue. I just can’t talk myself (or hubby) into a purple theme for our home.
2) I can’t resist a good love story, especially when it has a Happy Ending.
3) I love to collect sea shells at the sea shore. I have a princess house bowl full of them. Many of them Jenn at What I did at school today helped me collect over the years when we went to Galveston as kids.
4) I can’t eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without an ice cold glass of milk to go with it. I keep chilled glasses in the freezer at all times.
5) I ABSOLUTELY love candles. There’s almost always some burning at my house.
6) I always have at least 2 books going at any one time.
7) I love antiques.

Now I have to follow the rules which go with tagging. I have to name seven blogging buddies to tell Seven Random Things about their very own selves:

Jenn at What I Did At School Today, my cousin and best friend
Bren at Brenda’s Little Cottage, a new friend that I met at the Crafting by Candlelight Halloween Swap & a fellow bowl lover
Jenn at Jenn’s Nook, a new swapping friend from the Sweet Goodness Holiday Sister Swap
Dolly at From My Cherry Heart, a new friend who is hosting a fantastic Valentines Swap
Autum at Creative Litlle Daisy, a wonderfully informative and insightful blog that I follow regularly
Leigh Ann at There’s No Place Like Home, formerly known as The Pink Kitchen, one of the Sweet Goodness girls
Rebecca at Thrifty Goodness, another Sweet Goodness girl
Leigh Ann & Rebecca helped me so much when I first started blogging and swapping

As tag victims, here are your rules:
1) Link the person who has tagged you

2) Tell seven true things about yourself
3) Tag seven new people
4) Leave a message with the person you have tagged so they know about it


Oh dear, now I have to think up 7 lies again lol. Just kidding.
🙂 Bren

they are up. last time I got tagged I hosted a giveaway but I just did 2 in a row.


Hi Tamy,
thanks for the tag….I will follow up on that after I get the swap stuff organized!

I would trade you houses in a heart beat!
We renovated an 1856 victorian farmhouse and I loved and hated it!
It was a labor of love that I’d do again if hubby would let me!
My heart belongs in a big old house!

Enjoy your day!
Hugz, Dolly