Okay, as an attempt to complete some of my unfinished projects and start the year off right, I’m listing the already started projects and their respective pictures to help kick myself in the butt.
These top two are wall quilts I started for Katie and Lulu as college graduation gifts. Unfortunately, these were started during hubby’s last deployment and our lives were all tied up in military red tape. I need to get these finished ASAP. I have the sashing, borders, backing and binding all picked out, I just can’t remember whether Katie was red or blue and I can’t remember whether Lulu was blue or red. They have since graduated from graduate school and are now working in their respective fields.
This multi-colored one was for my ‘old’ house. Fortunately, it will match this house too.
These 2 are in preparation of Jenn What I Did At School Today and the new baby. She is pregnant and is doing it the old fashioned way ~ they’re waiting until the baby is born to find out the sex. So, I’ve made 2 separate quilts just in case. One is for a boy and will be backed with sage green Minky and one for a girl and will be backed in purple Minky. I just have to decide on the sashing and border.

These are baby quilts to have ready. The nieces and nephews have been having babies A LOT lately.
These are from my Patriotic – red, white, and blue phase. The 1st one was my very first quilt. The 2nd one is a red, white and blue Courthouse steps. This one is still in squares, but the shams are done in the background. The 3rd one is all the sampler squares that I made in my first quilt class. I’ve made them into a table runner. It is backed and quilted, but still needs binding.
These are random ones I started. The 1st is a calico log cabin, the 2nd is an extra large Log Cabin. They both still need bordered, backed and bound.
This last one is the easiest crazy quilt (called Kwik Krazy Quilt) I’ve ever done. I’m still deciding on sashing, border, backing and binding, but it’s on its way.