T13 #4 (132) Sleep Distractions

hosted by Thursday Thirteen

1) the bright red LED light on the bedside clock
2) the 7 pound (but feels like 200) cat that has to wedge between me and hubby
3) the blue LED light on the DVR
4) the spotlight on the side of the church that seems to be aimed directly for our bedroom window
5) the stack of books on the bedside table that I’m trying to finish reading
6) the stack of mending that never seems quite empty
7) the lists of projects that never seems to diminish, but only grow on this old house
8) the aches and chronic pain that never seem to diminish
9) the night light in the hall bathroom that changes color every few seconds
10) the restless dog
11) the endless list of “TO DO”
12) blog entries to be written
13) blog entries to be read


I hate when I end up watching the clock. The ever growing list of recorded shows on the DVR is also high on my list. So short on sleep lately. Happy TT and Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for stopping by!