Is anyone else out there wondering where they’re taking us in the “Jericho” series. I remember a high school history teacher telling us that the word ‘HISTORY’ could be broken into 2 words, HIS STORY and that history is really just the re-telling of a story based on ONE man’s perspective.

I also had a film professor in college that spouted rhetoric like it was a sermon. He believed that the media controls us. He believed that there is a “MESSAGE” in every show they put on TV. He believed that those in the know discern the message and spout when they feel the public is ready to learn it. Can you say, conspiracy theory?

Those 2 instances disturbed me a bit as a teenager. Now though, on Jericho, we have in a matter of no time at all a new president with NO election having been held. A new history book that blames the woes of the world on the U.S. for everything after WWII. Major cities destroyed everywhere including major magnetic destruction of electronics and a military power that somehow has access to all those destroyed records and more…