Give Me 5 Monday

This weeks topic: 5 favorite things to do in your favorite season of the year…

This is a tough one for me because I can come up with 5 for EVERY season. I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ season. So I’m going to try the whole year and see where this goes.


  1. making Snow Angels
  2. having a Snowball Fight that makes you laugh till you fall over
  3. country road drives to see all the Christmas Decorations and frozen lakes with ice fishermen
  4. watching the snow fall outside my window while I drink hot chocolate with lots of little marshmallows
  5. bundling up with scarves and gloves to take a brisk walk through the woods


  1. Watching the spring bulbs that I planted in the fall peek out through the last remnants of snow and start to grown and flourish in the warmer weather
  2. Playing catch with the dogs in the new spring grass
  3. Spring Cleaning
  4. rummage and garage sales are the best in the spring. All those people who were tired of being cooped up did all their cleaning out and I find the best ‘neat’ stuff in the spring
  5. Family Reunion Picnic Weekend – my husbands family has one Mother’s Day Weekend every year and we ALL (at least 85-90 show up every year) look forward to it


  1. Filling the ‘pool’ with water for the dogs to splash in.
  2. Picnics along the river or lake with cold fried chicken and watermelon.
  3. Weekend trips to anywhere.
  4. Reading in the hammock while the smells of BBQ are wafting my way.
  5. Dinner on the porch during a lightning storm.


  1. Autumn leaves and the air turning crisp.
  2. Country road drives to see all the leaves changing color and blanketing the forest floor here in the north woods.
  3. Making Soups and stews as the weather turns cooler.
  4. Making fires to warm the house.
  5. Quilting while the first snow falls.

Hehhe.. I only listed my favorite season.

I saw at Becca’s that you are from the U.P.? As in Michigan? I live in Monroe which is south of Detroit near the Ohio state line.


Tamy, I really love this post! For spring, how could I possibly forget my favorite part, the opening of yard sale season???????!!!!!!!! Hello, I’ve been waiting to start seeing those signs going up already! 🙂
I really love that you posted all the seasons, I kinda thought about that myself. I am totally on board with your summer and fall and spring, where do you live? I’m moving next to you so I can eat dinner on your front porch in a lightening storm!