Thursday Thirteen 13 #7 My dog's 13 favorite "TOYS"

1) kitchen hot pad
2) hubby’s eye glass case
3) hubby’s winter glove
4) the cat
5) remote control
6) bath towel
7) couch pillow
Are you starting to notice the trend? None of these are actually dog toys!
8) bathtub drain plug
9) hubby’s clean sock
10) the soccer ball he deflated with first bite
11) any piece of paper laying within his reach
12) his own tail
13) Last but not least, his own KONG ball ~ the only one he can’t destroy!
Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

“Hi” from a first time TT participant!
This was a really funny list! I am definitely going to have to check out your recipes in the sidebar – they sound yummy. A 115 year old house??? I hope you’ll share pics someday!


Mine live for water bottles, slippers and rocks. Yes, rocks. They bring them in through the dog door, and roll them around on the floor.

Makes me wonder why I spend $100 per month on pricey store bought toys…