Theme~Out of the mouths of babes~Grandma doesn't Know Everything

“This is a weekly meme for Hump Day – Wednesdays.
Participants will post anything humorous: email forwards, pictures, happenings, or personal stories that go along with the question(s) and/or theme that is posted for that Wednesday.”

hosted by Meredith at Mercedes Rocks

Tony had been playing outside with the other kids for a while when he came into the house and asked her, “Grandma, what’s that called when two people sleep in the same room and one is on top of the other?”

She was a little taken a back, but she decided to just tell him the truth. “It’s called sexual intercourse, darling.” Little Tony just said, “Oh, OK,” and went back outside to play with the other kids.

A few minutes later he came back in and said angrily, “Grandma, it isn’t called sexual intercourse. It’s called bunk beds. And Jimmy’s mom wants to talk to you.”


Oopsy! Grandma needs to clarify the question first-lol! Too funny! Thanks so much for playing! We are almost getting 10 players now-for both memes-woohoo!