Kitchen Update & Counter Substitutions

Did I mention we’ve been working like dogs around here?

We installed the last cabinet in the kitchen and I got the first coat of stain on it. All of the cabinets from home depot are now ready for the second coat and then the sealer. It also looks like they’re going to match the ones we bought from the dealer going out of business. As a temporary means we installed sheets of MDX as counter tops. I had painted them white and we have been doing pretty well with them, but what I really want is soapstone counters and those are going to cost, so we have to save up! In the meantime I made a trip to Family Dollar and purchased 2 packs of self stick tiles. We cut them to fit and voila instant counter top. I took the pictures from 2 different angles to show how versatile this color is going to be. I mixed paint to paint the edges of the plywood brown to match, but just ran out of steam to get it done.