Spare Bedroom – Guest Ready – Finally!

We have been working like dogs for the past 2 days. Mom is coming to visit soon. She hasn’t been here since we first moved in a year and a half ago and were in the midst of the “Great Mold Tear Out”. So we have been working hard to make things nicer for this visit. Yesterday morning the spare bedroom was a ‘staging’ area for the upstairs bathroom. I won’t even show you a picture it was that bad! It had the old claw foot tub in the middle of it and all the various parts for the new vanity, sink, toilet, wall cabinets and their various contents. It also had exercise equipment, quilting boxes, various paperwork and books as well as linens covering the bed. Anyway, it too will need another coat of paint, (I ran out of that too) and about a million trim boards, but it looks pretty presentable. I still have a couple of photos to get printed and hang, but not bad for a days work. And yes, that’s Holly Hobbie on the bed – my original from the 70’s.