Camera Critters – Momma

Who can resist critters? Come join us and have some fun.
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I took these pictures the first week of June.

Thumper was here having leftovers from last night for breakfast when momma sauntered over looking for breakfast. She had just given birth the day before and has been coming across for small regular meals since. Then she saunters back over to where she has the fawn hidden in the high brush behind her. Fortunately the people across the street here on the edge of town are only here a couple of weeks a year so momma feels safe having her babies here every year.

Rayne asked whether she has let me get close to the baby this year. As long as I stay a reasonable distance and bring her a treat (a handful of cracked corn or a carrot) she will let me peek. This year’s site isn’t conducive to taking a decent picture so I offer you a picture of her fawn from father’s day 2006.

Misty Dawn

That’s IT!!! I’ve decided… Tamy, I’m coming to your house! You have a deer who regularly visits you??? I’m SO jealous – when will you be ready for me to come knocking on your door? Really, I’m not much of a bother – you’ll hardly even know I’m there 😉


I see you have wonderful visiting wildlife too!
Great shots – I love the deer that visit here and yes, they get used to you and your camera 🙂