Anatomy of a Linen Closet

This is house is so old (1892) that linen closets per se sis not yet exist which was driving me nuts! I was forced to use bedroom drawers and cubby holes to store towels and sheets. We used the oak cabinets from Home Depot and stained them ourselves which brought the cost to a minimum. We had just enough space in the upstairs hallway to create a linen closet.
First we had to literally pry off the old base board, the only one in the house that was actually attached well.

We used the 36″ wide cabinets and created a different look by starting with a 12 ” tall on the bottom followed by a 30″ tall and topped with another 12″. Hubby then built me a matching finished top.

We stained them in a golden oak. We also had to build new baseboard pieces, but they will eventually get painted the same color as the walls.

The pictures are a little sideways, but the cabinet is level and flush! Here we are all finished, stained, loaded and now have lots of empty drawers in the bedrooms ~ YAY!

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