Front Doors & Decorations

Barbara over at Candy Hearts and Paper Flowers
is taking a poll about decorating and also wants to know
if you would share pictures of your front entrance?

This old house has a pretty interesting front entrance and story to go with it. We have a single set of stairs, but 2, count them, 2 front doors. The house which was originally built in 1892 with a single front door was purchased by a single woman during WWII. She proceeded to add a second front door and turned the upstairs into a separate apartment which she rented out until 1983 when she was forced to sell the home due to her failing health. In the spring I decorate with flowers baskets and wreaths.

We personally are not crazy about the colors of the house, but have had more pressing matters to deal with since purchasing it. We would like to change it to the colors in the photo above which is close enough to our house to give you a good idea of how it will look except that the hopefully by then large single front door will be all brick red and not multi colored.

Barbara also did a recent post about red front doors. I personally find a red door striking! It really shows off the house. While we are not going fire engine red we are thinking about the brick red in the above picture.

This was during our 1st snow last October. If you look close you will see my fall pumpkins on the railing. The picture below was the day we started the Christmas decorating.

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The Thomas'

I’m just now catching up on your blog…! Your house is so charming – I seriously am in love with it. I grew up in suburbia where all of the houses were cookie-cutter and different shades of brown. So seeing your house literally made me bust into a huge smile. Good luck with any changes you make – but I love it as is!

~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks for the kind words everyone. I love Penelope’s euphemistic use of the word ‘bold’ and while it has been returned to it’s original colors from 1892 (or so I’m told), the previous owner used a less than quality product and they are fading into extremely ugly hues of their former selves So I personally cannot wait until this here place is either sided or painted.

Sassy Mama Bear

Honestly I admit the colors now are bold but they also befit the house, do you know what the original paint scheme was? a lot of the older houses in town here are going back to the original schemes and it is really interesting. One house is a tacky mustard yellow with a greenish trim, that makes you sick the first time you see it, but tends to grow on you.


What a cute house! The story that goes with it is interesting, too. I don’t know that I would have noticed there were two front doors had you not pointed it out. I like the colors you are considering painting it, too. But it’s looks great the way it is. Very nice!