Dates to Remember

I borrowed this from Joy of Desserts.
It’s a great list to pass on.

I know I’ll do my best to live up to it!

October is National Dessert Month, here in the United States!
As a matter of fact, October is full of sweet dates.
Here’s a list if you’re looking for excuses to eat some yummy treats.
So which ones will YOU be celebrating?

October is:

* Cookbook Month
* Gourmet Adventures Month
* National Apple Month
* National Applejack Month
* National Caramel Month
* National Cookie Month
* National Kitchen Month
* National Popcorn Popping Month

Then, there’s:

* National Caramel Custard Day (Oct. 3)
* National Apple Betty Day (Oct. 5)
* National Frappe Day (Oct. 7)
* National Fluffernutter Day (Oct. 8)
* National Angel Food Cake Day (Oct. 10)
* National Dessert Day (Oct. 14)
* National Chocolate Cupcake Day (Oct. 18)
* National Brandied Fruit Day (Oct. 20)
* National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day (Oct. 21)
* U.K. National Apple Day (Oct. 21)
* National Nut Day (Oct. 22)
* National Boston Cream Pie Day (Oct. 23) I just did one yesterday Boston Cream Pie
* National Chocolate Day (Oct. 28)
* National Candy Corn Day (Oct. 30)
* National Caramel Apple Day (Oct. 31)
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