ANSWERS, ANSWERS and more answers!

I first told you about a bit of my confusion and then to compound the problem both blogger and yahoo seem to be having issues accepting comments, posting comments and/or getting notifications into email. Many of you out there are having the same problems so I know I’m not alone, but I have decided this was a determining factor in answering my own questions. While I’m not “quitting” any of the memes I like to participate in, I am going to take a small break. Many of my entries are in draft already so those will continue to post, but I will see over the next bit of time what I miss the most and what I don’t seem to be missing at all before making any ultimate decisions. I know I have probably missed getting back to many of you because of the blogger yahoo issues and I apologize, but will rectify this situation in the next few days.

final blog signature.


sorry u are having troubles too Tamy.
I had to switch email addresses. For some reason, I couldn’t type an email in hotmail anymore. Sooo frustrating, I switched to receiving comments on a new gmail account, but I feel lost there.
i hope your break from blogging is a small one.. i will miss your fun posts


Yup … Blogger’s definitely having issues. Those of us with ‘embedded comments’ have had to change to ‘pop ups’ to allow comments, but at least this temporary fix works ;–)

As for the rest … we’ve all had to make decisions about what we can and cannot manage with blogging and in my limited experience over this first year … I suspect it’s the only way to continue blogging when life gets busy!
Hugs and blessings,