Where did all the Apples Go?

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A few days ago after the 2nd snow melted, I took the opportunity to rake up the last of the leaves and clean the backyard for the final time this year as we are expecting the 3rd snow this weekend.

These 2 goofballs still haven’t figured out that the apples only fall for a month each year and every time we let them out back run to the apple tree to find a fresh apple treat. Obviously they are disappointed most of the time.

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I didn’t participate in Camera Critters this week, but I had to comment on your cute puppy logo and the nifty photo & story about your dogs. Thanks for sharing. Molly sometimes grabs the limes that fall from the tree thinking they’re tennis balls ;–)
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That is adorable!! Opps, I forgot all about CC today. I’ve been on my Weekend Blogathon blog jog – I read way, way too many blogs! I’ll post mine this evening 🙂