Home for the Holidays Swap

UPDATE: We have just a few more days to sign up and send in your questionnaires. I have updated my email address versus the link some were having a problem with during the Yahoo issues so hope all is well now. There were a few who said they would be sending a questionnaire, but I haven’t received them yet. I’m reading all the questionnaires carefully and trying to get a good idea of each so when I pair you all up you’re sure to have fun! So if you know anyone who would like to sign up, now is the time!

I have received questionnaires from: Cary, Chrissy, Diana, Diana, Fawn, Heather, Heidi, Heidi, Holly, Janine, Jenna, Jennifer, Kris, Melinda, Michelle, Stephanie and Susan. If your name should be in this list please contact me at tamyandthesgt@sbcglobal.net.

Join me in the 1st
Home for the Holidays
Christmas swap!!!

I love participating in swaps of all kinds, and have formed some wonderful new friendships through swaps. I have decided it was time to host my own swap! The theme is, “Home for the Holidays” which will set a theme and tone for you to have a home style goodness & some holiday goodies too! To me the best part of the holidays is being with family and friends, decorating our homes, baking cookies and rum balls, making special one of a kind Christmas gifts for those you love with the scent of cinnamon wafting through the air as the Christmas carols play in the background.

Please be sure that if you sign up you will follow through with your assigned partner. I’m hoping that this swap will create some WONDERFUL new friendships. Chat with each other and really get a feel for your partner’s personal style, and try your hardest to prepare a swap box that you would be thrilled to receive yourself!! I always try to remember the Golden Rule and what Dear Abby (always give a gift you would love to receive) said when I prepare a swap box.

I really want all of you to be super happy with your boxes, so let’s make this first swap at 3 Sides of Crazy super FABULOUS & FUN!! I know all of you will make this such a fun and great experience for each other. I’ll start a FLICKR group so we can all share our boxes with each other.

Let’s get to the rules….
Rule #1 – Have FUN
1st) Leave me a comment on this blog only, letting me know you would like to participate in the swap. 2nd)Email me at tamyandthesgt@sbcglobal.net. Please include the following form completely filled out so that I have your information.

Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Blog Address:
Personal holiday style (vintage, modern, traditional, country, primitive, glam, funky etc!):
Favorite holiday colors:
Favorite holiday foods, candy, snacks:

Any special collections (Santas, angels, snowmen, certain styles, etc):
Any special dislikes:

Anything else about yourself, your family, your life, etc, that would be helpful to your partner:

Would you be willing to swap with an international partner?:
Would you like to Angel swap*?:
* This should only be if we have an odd number of participants or an emergency arises.

After you email me the filled out form, I will email you back with a confirmation, letting you know that I have included you in the swap. Make sure you receive an email back from me. If you don’t receive a confirmation within a day or two, email me again so that I don’t miss anyone who wants to be involved and be sure to check your spam folder just in case! I will leave the swap open to sign up for until November 17th, and then I will assign partners. Your boxes should be sent by December 8th, so that everyone can enjoy their holiday goodies in time for Christmas!!!

As for the contents of your swap box, I’ll leave that entirely up to you! You can buy things, make things, glitter things, bake things, etc…! Just make a fabulous swap box, full of holiday spirit! (Examples: ornaments, stockings, holiday decor, holiday goodies, yummy candles, Christmas books, etc…) Be creative! After your partner receives the questionnaire with all your information, it will probably help you make up the swap box! The only stipulation is that something has to involve
something for the home (whether it is an ornament, candle, garland, etc…)! I can’t wait to get started and I hope you decide to join me for this fun and fabulous swap! There is a limit of $20-25 dollars on this swap plus shipping. Let’s have some fun with this and not go overboard.

Please use this graphic and add it as a button to your blogs, or post about the swap!! Spread the word so we get lots of fun participants!! The more the merrier! It is always so much fun to meet new bloggers, and what a fun way to get to know everyone!! Let’s spread the “Home for the Holidays” Christmas spirit!

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I’m in! I’m spending Christmas overseas, completely alone, in a country that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, so the idea of having a bit of home sent my way sounds wonderful.


I’m so excited about this swap. I picked up a few items for my swap partner yesterday can’t wait to find out what other great things she likes so I can finish shopping. This is a great idea!


Swaps are a lot of fun. My daughter has been in a few, but I’m going to have to pass this time. Hopefully I’ll be in next time. btw I’ve tagge you on my blog.


I love doing swaps (I’ve only done a few but have enjoyed them greatly) and I love Christmas… so this is great for me! Please count me in and I’ll be e-mailing you promptly with my answers.


What a wonderful idea.
I so want to play along. Any excuse to craft is good for me.
This will be my first swap and I can’t tell you how excited that makes me.


I’m thinking that swap box you made up is for ME!
I haven’t decided if I’m doing your swap yet, I’m going to see how overwhelmed I’m feeling in the next week.


Hi Tamy,

I was upposed to do a Christmas drive, due to family problems I am unable to do this. i just came on your site for Friday Fill~Ins and saw your Christmas Drive :} Wonderful! I am going to post you on my site and let other bloggers know.

Thank-you so much for doing this
Sylvie Madeleine

Mississippi Songbird

Yay! Thanks for this… I did one swap back in the summer.I sent my partner a box, filled with great goodies, but I never did get anything back.. I’m sure this one will be different.. That was a swap that someone ,I didn’t know invited me to.. This will be different, because of the bloggy friends.. Thanks again for hosting.I am so excited..


I really wish I could play along on the swap, but both time and money are going to be waaay too tight this holiday season 🙁

I’d love to play along if you do it again at a different time of the year!


This could be a lot of fun! Right now I’m not going to sign up as my plate is really full and if I do this I want to make sure I do it right.



Yippeeeeee! I’ve only done one swap in the past, and it was fun! I’m signing up for this swap and one other for the holidays. Thanks! I’ll add the button… or post about it… eventually! So busy right now. I’m off to email you now, though.