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In early October I decorate for Fall and Halloween and then the Halloween things come down and the Thanksgiving things go up.

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Thanksgiving things come down and I do a thorough cleaning and I start decorating for Christmas. When I was a kid, that was the day my day always insisted on the tree going up and we spent a good deal of the day wrapping presents while listening to Christmas carols.

I prefer not to do shopping on that weekend and stay home for leftover turkey sandwiches while getting into the Christmas spirit. This year in particular with Thanksgiving being so late!

When do you start decorating for Christmas?
Is there a specific family tradition for your decision?

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I follow a plan much like yours though I decorate my home a lot less than I do my blog these days. You won’t catch ME shopping today, though as child … my mom used to take us kids downtown on the streetcar to Los Angeles to shop on the Friday following Thanksgiving.
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When I was growing up today was the day to get the decorating started – These days I usually just think about and might get around to it by next weekend, LOL!


Well, today is usually my Christmas get ready day, but my husband has instructed me to rest since I am sick. It’s killing me not to be up getting the decorations but I would just sneeze on them anyway.


Until I remarried, I always decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. But, his daughter’s birthday is December 8, and he doesn’t want us to decorate until her birthday is over (to focus on her, not Christmas). This year, we are going to decorate this week, come heck or high water.