Melt down!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working really hard around here to get this old house up to date and all the unending projects finished. Our hopes are to have it on the market in the spring. So tonight I sat down to catch up on email and blog reading, both of which have been horribly neglected during that time. I’m sorry to say that there was some sort of melt down with my email and I have no idea who I owe emails back to! I am going to spend the next few days trying to get to all the blogs I owe visits to. Bear with me everyone.

final blog signature.


You’ve certainly accomplished a lot lately … and there are definitely times when real life takes precedence over the virtual one. I’m behind too … doing what I can to catch up today but I suspect it will take me a while to do so.
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Tamy! We are going to be brave and try to sell our house this spring too! We aren’t desperate, we would just like to change and get a great deal and a lower mortgage. Trying to make sure we could make the payment on one income if needed. We still have lots of projects before we are ready–paint, carpet, lawn cleanup, update bath and light fixtures, etc. Mostly cosmetic stuff. Good Luck! We will have to compare notes on selling houses.


Wow, I somehow didn’t realize you were doing all this to sell your house! No wonder you’ve been working up a storm. It’s really starting to look great, I bet it feels good to see all your projects getting finished.

Good luck on the email issue, I hate it when that happens!