Wish List Wednesday

These great items from Williams Sonoma and Villaware are on my covet list this week. From top to bottom: angled potato ricer, hand crank pasta machine, bell jars & nests, brushed stainless steel soup/stock pot, avocado pitter, slicer and Cuisinart Popcorn popper. Of course I can live without all of them, but would really rather not some day!

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Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

I have the hand crank pasta machine and you will LOVE it. It’s fast and easy even by hand, and fresh pasta is so much better than dried. You don’t really need the electric attachment unless you’re going to be making pasta for 200.

I love those bell jars for decorating and for gardening, but they are always so expensive for some unknown reason.

~3 Sides of Crazy~

*laugh* I want the kitchen aid one too, but couldn’t find an image I liked. I leave my skins on too, but like a smooth potato. The skins end up in the ricer, but I pull them out and whip them back into the smooth potatoes.


We have a ricer, but I never use it. Hubby had it before I met him. I like lumpy mashed potatoes though with skins left in, and I think that’s all they are for. Can you use them for anything else? I’m also coveting a pasta roller, but one for my KitchenAid.