Wedding Memories

Thank you Janet and Megan for resurrecting it!

The prompt for last week or this week was things you loved about your wedding. This is such an easy list!

  1. I married my best friend.
  2. We were married in the same church that his parents were in 1948 even though the church has been physically moved several times in between.
  3. That even though my father had passed away before our wedding, my god father was able to fly in and give me away.
  4. Our photographers were my brother and our niece so the pictures were personal AND awesome!
  5. All of our closest friends and family were there with us to make it special.
  6. Our reception was on a paddle wheeler on a lake with an awesome staff.
  7. The music and dancing was so much fun.
  8. Everyone had a great time.
  9. The inevitable snafus were not insurmountable.
  10. The food was excellent.
  11. The cake was so good that everyone grabbed one last forkful on the way out and the top tier was just as good one year later as it was the day we were married.
  12. We did it our way.
  13. We do it again every year on a smaller version.

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Hootin' Anni

Getting married in the same church as a parent, well….that sounds perfect. Very strong and stable relationships.

My 13 is posted. What I see on the back of a cereal box…it’s a fun 13 this week…come join me if you find time.