Oh my, what have we started? AKA the birth of a BLOG

Yesterday I responded to a comment my dear friend Martha from Menagerie made on my Simply Delicious Sunday Recipe yesterday and we started chatting back and forth. We realized how many cooking traits we shared and after about a trillion, no seriously a trillion emails we decided on a theme, a new blog, 2 new memes and are in ‘business‘, so to speak.
So may we introduce Simple Summer Recipes, a meme that will air on Saturdays hosted by Martha and Stretch Your Food Dollar Recipes, a meme that will air on Wednesdays hosted by Tamy over at our new hangout, The Krazy Kitchen. Won’t you come join us and have some kitchen fun?

I am so glad that someone has started a Saturday meme. Although we are more busy on Saturdays with family activities, there are always moments of quiet, which of course means, time for blogging! Good luck with it, I look forward to participating.


When I first got up this morning I had the exact same thought, “My, what have we started!” LOL.

The nice thing is we really don’t have to feel obligated at the Krazy Kitchen to post anything more than our weekly memes, that shouldn’t be too hard! 🙂