I always wonder how long those cookies have sat on the shelf, but since cookies aren’t my favorite dessert, I usually don’t buy them anyway. Well, girl scout cookies. I buy those, and I know they are loaded with preservatives, but it’s only once a year. My kids love to make homemade cookies. Me? I’d rather eat ice cream!

Pop Art Diva

Yup, exactly why they don’t taste like home made too! I honestly cannot eat store bought cookies aside from an occasionally Oreo (which is probably one of the worst for you – seriously, what is that white stuff made from???)

I am single so making an entire batch of cookies means eating that whole batch in one day because a) I don’t waste food and b) cookies taste best fresh. However, I still make up a triple batch of my favs, roll the dough into balls and freeze it! Then I can take out a few at a time and bake them fresh! I taste no difference in them at all. If I bake them then freeze them the cookie suffers but not if I freeze the raw dough.

My two favorites are linked here at my website: CORAL ISLAND COOKIES and MOM’S GINGER SNAPS and both freeze great!

I also love popcorn but not microwaved – ick! I make mine the old fashioned way and just tried out Home Made Kettle Corn and loved it – plus they’ve discovered popcorn is good for you, whaddya know??

Thanks for stopping by The PopArtDiva Blog and I hope you didn’t spend too much time on those websites, lol!


Hi, just had to leave a comment for you because of your wonderful blog ! I’ve really enjoyed reading your interesting and creative posts, and you have fabulous pictures as well. Best wishes and thank you for sharing them all ….