Chronicles of a Bungled Real Estate Deal ~ Overall update

We’ve been busy around here tying up loose ends, you know the little projects that always get put off until youo can no longer put them off LOL. This is the old cold storage room off the butler’s pantry that was converted into a bathroom many years ago.

It has needed the tile work for quite some time, but I finally got it done, well almost. I still need to paint that edge molding, but that will be done this week. Hubby was using the size brush needed on a different project.

I have been grooming these African Violets for what feels like forever and they finally rewarded me by blooming all at the same time for a change.

Hubby is standing in the basement stairwell, not an easy place to photograph I have to tell you. This wall is the backside of the wall next to where I was tiling. Because it was a cold storage room these walls were uninsulated. The electrician had to tear into them also to run the new wire so they were left looking a bit wrecked. Hubby insulated the walls around the old cold storage room, replaced the siding over the electrician’s holes and then painted the whole thing to match the ice room conversion which is directly to the right of the brown kitchen door. All that teal green is gone now, but we do need a second coat of the wheat. We also still have to finish the landing floor. It is currently just concrete that they had old carpet over, but later this week we’re installing the same oak flooring as we did in the kitchen. Next week I will have finished pictures of the paint and flooring as well as the walk-in closet.

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