So it’s time I did an update. Many of you know we pretty much finished the investment house from hell this past summer and were anxious to get home to family. That trek home entailed moving cross country 1 step ahead of snow storms with a moving truck towing hubby’s jeep and the 2 cats in their carriers and me in my truck with the 2 big dogs in the back seat (thank God it’s a super cab) and the bed loaded. The animals traveled like troupers! It took us 4 days to get here and then another 2 to unload the moving truck into storage.

Then we began the process of settling into 144 square feet from the 2700 we had been in! Even knowing this is temporary while we help out his folks and sell our house, it was still difficult to know what to pack into storage and what not to. I have 2 small baskets of “necessary” kitchen tools, my computers and a few books.

Hubby’s folks are still in their own home and his mom will be 90 in a few months and has dementia as well as limited mobility and his dad will be 89 next month and has limited mobility due to multiple back surgeries. Dad has been caring for mom the past couple of years as well as the house, yard, pool and cooking. So hubby and I volunteered to move in with them to help make their life easier.

As with any investment in life, your intentions are to do the right thing for the right reason, but sometimes you can’t even begin to comprehend how difficult that change in your life will become before it is all settled. Whenever emotions are a factor life decisions are not easy.

So for now we are where we are and are still hoping to be “home home” soon. We welcome a prayer our way now and then! Thank you for all the wonderful notes and thoughts you have sent our way.



You are a blessing and yes, the emotions of loss of personal and physical space can be quite a rollercoaster.
Sending my best to you and your family.
Thanks for the update, sounds like quite an adventure!


yay for an update! i don’t think i knew your plans, now it all makes sense, lol.
good for you two going to move in and help them. it will be hard work but so rewarding 🙂

Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Tamy, you and yours are in our prayers. Listen to David’s advice, it will save your sanity. Maybe you would be allowed to carry your “2 small baskets of ‘necessary’ kitchen tools” over to the kitchen each time you prepare a meal, and then take them back to your room as soon as you are done. It would at least save you the 10 trips down the hall. Take care, and may you be “home home” soon.


You are a wonderful DIL. Moving in to help the in-laws isn’t something many would do. OK, I drove to Atlantic City on 9-11 (yes, that one) because my FIL was very ill, but that’s another story.

It will all work out for you. Doing good is never the wrong thing. Think of the additional memories you’ll have. I only wish I had more of my FIL.

~3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks David. Hubby made me agree before we ever left back east that I would set aside an hour a day for myself (which I obviously spend a lot of blogging) to reduce my stress. I like to spend a little time every afternoon with the pups in the pool and that is helping A LOT.

A Year on the Grill

Oh my, and of course my prayers are with you. Difficult days ahead, but you are doing what is right in life… Find a diversion you can take daily for yourself (something simple like a little bath beads, reading time or whatever you can use to escape for just a few minutes) to clear your head.

good luck to you

~3 Sides of Crazy~

Thanks JC, Joyce and Emily, Prayers and positive thoughts always appreciated.

LOL Kristen, my baskets are in my bedroom (the last room in the house) and I sometimes have to go down the hall 10 times a day just to make dinner. I’m not ‘allowed’ to add to the drawers. 🙂

Martha, your friendship and humor are always a welcome relief since we live in such parallel worlds! 🙂


You and your husband are two extraordinary people! The parents are truly blessed to have you in their lives. I know you will both be greatly blessed for the sacrifice you are making and my prayers are definitely with you!


I am glad you made it safely. I certainly can comiserate on the going from a house of your own to a bedroom of your own. Living with my folks has been a mixed blessing. There were a few kitchen tools that I demanded be incorporated into the kitchen drawers, but most of my familiar things are still in boxes in the garage. Good luck in your very worthy endeavor!


That’s an amazing thing you both are doing. It’s amazing, too, that an 88 year old man has been caring for an 89 year old woman with dementia! My 84 year old mom doesn’t have any memory loss, and she’s plenty nutty!

Take care! Hope you arrive home-home soon. 🙂