Pass the bread recipe and save room for dessert and Thanksgiving

Do you have a bread recipe? Tamy and I want it! It could be a yeast bread, or a quick bread. It could be a muffin or a flat bread. We’re rounding up all bread recipes on our blogs, and you get to link to both blogs too, just link back to us. Tamy’s bread roundup and my Joy of Dessert bread roundup are ready for your links now.

Get ready for another party right here at Our Krazy Kitchen, too. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving all together from November 15-28. Bring your favorite recipe, decorating idea, pictures, anecdotes, and let’s have some fun together. Help us spread the word by linking to us.

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Please leave a link to your post, not your homepage, and be sure to link back to this post or blog.
Joy @ Joy Of Desserts

Martha: I did add the MckLinky, but it has disappeared, and so did part of my headline. There seems to have been a malfunction sometime after I viewed the blog to double check all looked right. I’m adding it again, and fixing the headline too.
All: Thank you for your participation, and for taking the initiative to post your links in comments. 🙂