Simple Saturday 2010

Welcome to Simple Saturday and Happy New Year to all!

There have been lots of changes here at Our Krazy Kitchen over the six months we have been in existence. We’ve had changes with our themes and memes, we’ve had to say goodbye to some great team members, but in the process have made some wonderful new friends who have become part of our team. With that I’d like to welcome our three newest members – Chaya, Min, and Dave, I know it’s going to be a great year here at Our Krazy Kitchen having all of you on board with us!

Me? I’m Martha, my main blog is Menagerie. I was the original host of Simple Supper Saturday here in the early days at Our Krazy Kitchen. I later took over Monday Munchies, but have now returned to Saturdays to host Simple Saturday – sorry about any confusion it may have caused.

Speaking on behalf of our team here at Our Krazy Kitchen, we want this to be a fun and exciting year! We want mix things up a little, offer contests, challenges, special features, maybe even some giveaways! We want you to get to know us more as individuals, and we want lots of participation and interaction with all of you! Just in case you missed it yesterday Kristen got us started with our first challenge! It should be a lot of fun, we hope you’ll play along!


My goal for Simple Saturday is simply to bring you lots of easy but yummy dishes. My life is very hectic and very full. As much as I’d love spending my days in the kitchen it’s just not possible. I usually have to have meals on the table within 30 minutes or less. I am blessed with being happily married, and have three beautiful children – two boys 12 and 15, and a daughter 22. I work full time as a secretary at a high school, have my 82 year old mother that I care for, and also have the responsibilities of managing and maintaining both her household and my own. As you can see, not much time left for elaborate meals here on a regular basis, but there are always good homemade meals regardless.

I consider quick, easy and inexpensive dishes my specialty. I often cook a main course two or three times larger than what we need for a family dinner in order to intentionally have leftovers to creatively make all new meals over another day or two. I rarely use actual recipes, some ideas from recipes but from there fly by the seat of my pants! I will also admit to sometimes using some kitchen shortcuts to create half homemade meals. I generally do a cook and freeze day once every 4-6 weeks, am a menu planner to keep things simplified and organized, and a bulk food and sale shopper as well. I make sure nothing ever goes to waste in my home!

What you’ll find here at Simple Saturday may often be more of a process than an actual recipe, and as long as you can relate to things like a “handful” or a “splash” of this or that we’ll get along just fine 🙂


We’ve been having some behind the scenes fun recently here at Our Krazy Kitchen regarding brussels sprouts. In honor of Dave today I’m posting my favorite brussels sprouts (originally posted at Menagerie). The kids call them “The Awesomest Brussels Sprouts!”

At one time we didn’t even like brussels sprouts, not at all – I mean AT ALL! Last summer I was on a mission to revisit some foods we didn’t like and try making them different ways to give them another chance. Made like this brussels sprouts are now my family’s favorite green veggie!

Lightly trim the bottom of each of the brussels sprouts, cut in half, put in a bowl with a splash of olive oil, add a heaping spoon of fresh minced garlic, sprinkle with hot pepper flakes, lightly toss.

Heat a splash of olive oil in frying pan, add brussels sprouts flat side down and fry on med until bottoms are nice crispy browned (about 5 minutes). Transfer to an oven safe pan (or preferably have a large skillet that can go right in the oven). Cook on 400 for 12-15 minutes.

As soon as they come out of the oven, drizzle with balsamic vinegar, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, toss again and top with a sprinkling of fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

These really are the “awesomest!”

If you happen to have a great brussels sprouts recipe I’d love it if you would link it up here, no need for a brand new post, linking up an older post is fine. Of course if you don’t have a brussels sprouts recipe feel free to link up any simple dish – try to think green on this one!

Note – Mister Linky is having trouble today. If a Linky doesn’t appear below please leave your link in the comment section. I will link them manually later when Mister Linky is back up and running, thanks!


I think we should plan a party at Dave’s place! Dave, you do the grilling and we’ll all bring brussels sprouts side dishes. And scotch. And beer.

If it’s any consolation to Dave, I feel the same way about oatmeal as he feels about brussels sprouts!

Anyone have any beer battered oatmeal recipes I can borrow? Maybe Kristen? (it’s all in the sake of good silly fun 🙂

Thank you to everyone who visited, left comments and linked up today. Happy New Year to all!

Sweet and Savory

I found a new brussels sprouts recipe. I have to make it so I can give Dave happiness. Make a man happy and he may grill for you.

I like your idea of food of the month and I love your recipe.

I have the uncomfortable feeling, we may be innundated with brussels sprouts recipes rather than oats. We should put up signs.


Oh I know, I know! – Buttery baby brussels sprouts rolled in an oatmeal coating and then deep fried to perfection, topped with crumbled bacon and served with a delicious savory scotch sauce! 😉


I can tell you that Marth’s brussel sprouts are the “awesomest” I have made them myself and my family loves them as well. I like the new page and it sounds like the new group is going to fun and informative in helping me to get my butt in gear in the kitchen! Happy New Year! ps sign me up for a t-shirt 🙂

A Year on the Grill

I love the new look and the extra bits of info Should attract lots of new interest… but the tools of Satan (Brussels Sprouts) will be driving away many potential fans…

I am thinking of printing up T-shirts…

So many Sprout recipes

So little Scotch