How to make a Frozen Tropical Cocktail Like a Pro – Ala Year on the Grill

Greetings all…
Dave here from MY YEAR ON THE GRILL. Hope you are all enjoying the warming trends coming with spring.  Were I at home (Kansas), with temps in 70’s and spring and summer on their way, i would be planning my first outdoor party.  Still may be a little cool for a frozen drink, but now is the time to sharpen those skills for a real outdoor BBQ… Complete with a frozen Pina Colada, Margaretta or even these…

 Frozen Girl Scout Cookie…
They taste like a Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie,
really they do!

I have been making fun new drinks while I am spending my time in exile in the US Virgin Isles.  I also discovered an odd thing.  I like them frozen, like a milkshake.  My wife prefers hers straight up, over ice.  That is even odder when you consider the extra ice in a frozen drink waters down that alcohol, so hers is a stronger drink.  So, nightly, I have been breaking out the Rum bottles, and making different drinks.  I thought a little post on the basics of how to mix a drink (including frozen drinks) would be in order…
First, Any and all drinks can be made “frozen”.  Just add a cup of ice per drink and mix in a blender.
But, I am ahead of myself… let’s start with the straight up drink…
A straight up drink (or “neat”) is served room temperature.  Just assemble the drink, stir and serve.  Generally, Scotches and whiskey shots are served like this.  Very classy, very potent.

No tropical drink I know of is served straight up.  Most are served chilled, on ice or frozen.  So, here’s how do do that…

 have everything handy, assemble your ingredients, same as with a recipe.  It is even more important, as you are dealing with ice in a warm climate… work fast.For a GIRL SCOUT COOKIE, you need …A blender for frozen drinks, or a mixer for chilled and rocks drinksice
Creme de menthe
Creme de Cacao
Light Rum
Half and Half

The formula for the drink is easy, 1 ounce of each of the 4 liquids, put 3 large ice cubes or 1/2 cup crushed ice into a cocktail shaker (shown).  add the drink mix, top the shaker (be sure to put the cap over the strainer before you do the next step…)

And Shake, Shake, Shake…Warning, don’t do this with a carbonated ingredient (like rum and cokes).  Those type drinks get a stir stick.

Pour into a chilled glass and your “chilled” GIRL SCOUT COOKIE is ready to serve.  The built in strainer in the cocktail shakers will strain the drink over the ice for one last chilling, without any ice ending up in the drink (and deluding it).
If you would like to add 3-4 ice cubes, a “chilled” GIRL SCOUT COOKIE now becomes a GIRL SCOUT COOKIE “on the rocks”.

To make a “Frozen” GIRL SCOUT COOKIE”, put the liquid ingredients into a blender (Any blender made in the last 5 years should have an “Ice Crusher” setting, if yours doesn’t, time for an upgrade… I just bought a new one for $25).  On top of the liquid, add 1 cup of ice…

And blend away until you reach a smoothie or milkshake consistency.  You may need to add a little extra ice, or a little extra liquids.  It is best to add extra of the non alcoholic mixer if you need to add liquid (in this case, the milk).

And here they are… Jackie got her’s on ice, I got mine frozen and we enjoyed a recap of our day on our deck over looking the ocean.
If you would like, go ahead and check my sister website, A KANSAS FOODIE IN THE VIRGIN ISLANDS, where I have posted a dozen different recipes for drinks that can be served up, on ice or frozen.  Drinks like Pina Coladas, Banana boats, Frozen Mudslides and  my wife’s current favorite, A DIRTY ARNIE…
All of these drinks are incredibly easy and will be a star at your next back yard party (or for a welcome home to your husband… just because it is Thursday and you want to recap your day on your own piece of paradise).
Really… Think about it… greet your husband with a Dirty Arnie and who knows how the conversation will turn out.
See you next week


I’ve checked out all those delicious drinks over there Dave, you are killing me! I gave up drinking on new years until the end of Lent. Don’t know what I was thinking! Oh well, I’ll know where to go for lots of great treats to stick little umbrellas in right after Easter 🙂


Nice, my girlfriend loves frozen drinks but I didn’t really know how to make them well. I’ll have to surprise her with one.