Being a So Cal girl at heart, surfing was always a saltwater sport and usually done in warm weather.  The thing that surprised me the most when we came east was that the great lakes have waves too.  The lakes are soooooooo large that they look like an ocean at first glance.  I caught this surfer in a rainstorm on Lake Michigan today and he was looked so at peace even though I never actually saw him catch a wave!
On another note, the plant below was sent to me by my SIL when we first moved into our investment house 5 years ago.  It grew huge in my kitchen and had to be cut back monthly.  When we went west to help my in-laws, the poor plant froze the first night out.  I kept it and babied it while at my in-laws and it began to come back.  That was 2 years ago.  I keep babying it and it keeps hanging in there.  I can’t wait to put it back on my kitchen counter and see where it grows.  I call it my Bobbie plant!
I should be home tomorrow and then begins the arduous task of reversing the winterizing from 2 years ago and getting the utilities on.  I’ll fill you in on the rest of the Chronicles of a Major Move at that time.