Every day seems to be over before I get my list accomplished!  Today’s to do list started with:

  • haul out as much trash as humanly possible
  • master bedroom closet molding
  • hang clothes
  • meet with electrician
  • paint entry
  • paint pantry
  • fix laundry leak from the foundation people
  • make stew
  • quit early

LOL hubby and I spent over an hour looking for the miter box to do the molding and never did find it so we moved onto the next project until we get to Lowes tomorrow.

We love the new electrician!  He was able to fix what the last electrician broke and then some.  Our biggest concern was an outlet in the office area that shorted out when I plugged in the shop vac a few weeks ago.  Hubby was going to change out the outlet, but the insulation started cracking off on ALL the wires so we decided it was time to call in an expert. He found that someone (probably my grandfather) had made an outlet where there wasn’t one before by using the outlet in the next room and a length of cut up extension cord. He’ll be back next week for the next go round fixing the kitchen issues!

The water had been seeping under the linoleum for the past couple weeks and making a HUGE mess!  This place was already a fixer and didn’t need any help at being a project!
LOVE how they ran the pipes from the hot water tank above AND below the gas line hook up for the dryer.
It’s NOT pretty, in fact it’s REALLY UGLY, but at least it is somewhat clean now.

When the foundation people were here they broke 3 things concerning the plumbing.  The first was the main into the house and we got that fixed.  The second was the drain line for the washing machine under the slab and they fixed that while they had the hole open.  The third was (according to them) and elbow for the washer drain in the wall.  Today we found were going to fix that leak except it is not what they said.  The leak is in a piece of pipe that goes through the slab.  So, once again we are deferring to the professionals (if they ever call us back).  Bad news is that we are not going to b able to laundry here for awhile!


Getting the pantry clean and then painted has been a real issue with both of us.  It also seems to have taken forever! There’s only coat of paint so far and it will get 3, but it feels beautiful already!

 A couple weeks ago hubby and I started the entryway by removing the 2 layers of old cat pee soaked tiles as well as some carpeting and tack strips.  We’ve been treating the area and FINALLY the smell is gone and the area is sanitized. I started the first coat of paint and can’t wait until we can get the new front door.  We definitely need one with some light for this dark hallway.  We also bought a new light fixture with a higher voltage to add to the lighting issue here.

Remember when hubby found the garage issues?

Well we found a temporary fix with pressure treated 2×4’s and Liquid nails.