A Charlie Brown Christmas

We didn’t get as much done today as we originally intended, but we did get some of the “bigger” thorn in our sides things done.

My uncle had a charity come to pick up the pain in the butt display case, freezer from the garage, 40 year old trash compactor, oven and microwave that could not be donated because the 2 questions thrift stores asked were 1) Do they work? 2) What condition are they in?  LOL In the end he ended up paying the guy to remove the items.

Hubby got the molding in the closet finished so I can hang the clothes tomorrow.  He also started the door molding.  I can’t wait for the finished room!

We had to have a tree too.  We don’t have room for much so we did a “Charlie Brown” tree that’s alive and can be planted after Christmas is over.

Carrie B.

Loving the progress so far – keep up the great work sweet worker bees!! I love your tree too. 😉 Perfect solution (& smart) for such limited space. xoox