Thought I would do a short update before I do my normal Monday blog hopping. I have high hopes for the week and Monday did not disappoint!  The studio floor that started out poorly yesterday went lickety split today with hubby’s help. We even got the hallway done also.

This is where I began yesterday.
This is where I ended yesterday.
This is where we ended today – the floor ALL in and the furniture in place.  I even got all the felt pieces under the furniture as we went.
The hallway meshed up with the living room, bathroom and spare bedroom well.  We’re not sure yet whether we can salvage the carpet in the spare bedroom, but we’re sure going to try.  It’s in good shape except for a couple “unknown” stains.
It finally feels a bit more like a house!
When we bought the flooring they only had 10 boxes which is 13 square feet LESS than we calculated that we needed.  Fortunately we had VERY LITTLE waste and this is all we had left!